20 player real time fighting game

because sometimes you just want to smash people’s heads in.


Doomsday is upon us all! Will you choose team red or team blue?

Tuesday 10th February 2015


Talk is cheap. On Thursday the 12th of the holy month of February a mighty clash of steel will ring out through the kingdom. Barbarian hordes clothed in the pelts of wild boar will stream across the battlefield. Will you live? Will you die? Will you respawn in a quiet corner of the village? YOU DECIDE!

War O’clock is 6pm GMT (UK). We have much amusement through out the day to inspire you to blood thirsty fever. A Q/A with our brethren from WASD Radio in the US at 4pm GMT. Then much merriment around the pushing of the giant red STEAM button at 6pm GMT. Then to top off the festivities a promo session in partnership with TWITCH’s UK site that will see the Barbarians waltzing all over their front page. Thanks to the tribal leader Noaksey for taking lead in that assault.

Any questions? No? GOOD! I will paint my name in your blood on Thursday.

stay focused barbarians


Sharpen your weapons and get ready for WAR!

Thursday 5th February 2015

Greetings Barbarians

After lots of behind the scenes heavy lifting we are now ready to launch the game on Steam. After an extensive game of Rock, Paper, Scissors the date was decided on: 12th February.

So grab your rusty axes and double handed war swords and get ready for some bloody mischief. The game will be available from 6pm GMT on the Steam store. You can find it here:


Anyone interested in running Twitch or Youtube sessions then send us a Raven over at:


We have people who have won keys in our giveaways and also the kindly bunch who pre-ordered the game over at Humble Bundle. We will be distributing the keys on launch day.

Feel free to get involved with the community and we’re looking forward to chopping off your smug heads in the battle arena.

Stay focused Barbarians!


Greenlit!! Yay!

Friday 7th November 2014

Greetings Barbarians

After a long cold greenlight winter we find ourselves waking to a new dawn!

Well, kinda – actually we just got greenlit, so a big YAY!!!! Thanks to everyone that helped get us to this point – everyone who voted a MASSIVE thank you. Other special thanks to:

Artplant – for simply being awesome. Especially Jack, Joa and Slava.
Jon, Dusan, Marcus, Dom.
Jamie Simmonds for being great at drawing.
Arash Amini.
Tom Savage.
Kelly Hu.
Ernest @ Xsolla – for blogging about the game.
Gavdalf for amazing positive support.
@IndieGamerChick for twitter and testing support.
Chris Brooks.
Alan Dunton.

If I’ve missed anybody many apologies.

Next step is to get out on Steam, we will update you as we go. Again a big thank you for getting the game to this point.

Stay focused Barbarians!

Barbarians get all twitchy

Wednesday 5th November 2014

Sooooo….big weekend for play sessions and live streams. The schedule is like this:

Friday 7th November

2pm UK time: Noaksey from Mygameslounge.com will be playing the game live on Twitch, the session will be promoted live on the UK homepage but you can go directly there via:

5pm PT – 1am UK time: IndieGamerChick will be running a play session for US gamers. Check her twitter channel for details:Indie Gamer Chick
Saturday 8th November9am PT – 5pm UK time: Action Soup Studios will be running a session on the game track to the link below to see the stream:



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